The animal medals are now live in the webshop!

For animal day we have put three of our colleagues' pets in the spotlight. All three of these four-legged friends have a engraved pendant, which they received from their owner.

Personalized animal pendant engraved red heart                                                                                -Photo by Amani

Amani has this cute little heart on his collar. This foxy savannah cat even has his own instagram account and is very naughty. 

Puppy engraved animal pendant medallion heart personalized                                                                                     -Photo by Arjan

Yara is the cute puppy from our colleague Arjan. She still has a lot to learn about the world, so a phone number on the back of the tag won't hurt. What a cutie!


Cat with personalized pendant                                                                                        -Photo by Lizz

Mauwmauw is a tough cat that does not let himself be pushed around. In the evening he regularly comes to cuddle on the lap of his owner, who provides engravings in our shop during the day!