Laser engraving in Amsterdam

The art of engraving is no longer done by hand. Today, we can work in great detail with the help of a laser. The use of a diamond pen is no longer necessary! During engraving the laser burns into the material and leaves a design on the product. You can see it as a unique tattoo on your product!


Engraving something at Uncover Lab in Amsterdam is easy. You choose a product, create your own design or let us design something for you. Our Creative Operators can help you create a graphic design via chat or email, or stop by our shop! Also check out our website or Instagram for inspiration. Our lasers work best on softer natural materials like wood, leather, cork, bamboo, paper and cardboard. But also denim, perspex and some plastics give a nice engraving result. A good example are the AirPods, which can be engraved in no time. Since this year we can also engrave metal and stainless steel. This way we personalize Apple products like iPads and MacBooks, but also Secrid and Walter Wallets. 

Wall art design Uncover Lab

Laser engraving machine


In our shop we work with two types of laser machines. One of the machines has an engraving area of about 40x30cm and cuts through 3mm thick wood or plexiglass. Although this machine is a lot slower than its brother, we still like its details and cutting. Our other machine is the Formula 1 car among the laser machines. We use this fast laser for large orders and for on-the-spot engraving for customers in the shop. Thanks to this machine we have the fastest service in Amsterdam!


Text engraving is very popular. This can be a chosen font, a logo, or your own scanned handwritten text. Besides text we can also engrave images. Our designers can convert an invitation, a card or an illustration to a digital file in no time at all. Photo engraving is only possible when the photo is of high (professional) quality and we can extract the shadows and highlights optimally. When it is too difficult to engrave a photo, we draw it over. This gives a cartoon-like look.

Engraved wooden cutting board

Engraved wooden cutting board


There are very many different types of wood, which makes each engraving a little different. The coarseness or fineness of the wood gives the product an authentic look. The coarser the wood, the more rustic the engraving. The finer the wood, the tighter the engraving. Almost anything is possible on wood, from geometric patterns to more complex designs. Any design can be done justice in this material. Check out our range of engravable cutting boards


Our assortment consists of several notebooks, including those from the Moleskine and Midori brands. They engrave so beautifully that they have become our two favourites. The leather of the Midori and oilcloth of the Moleskine make for a unique engraving. The Moleskine is available in different sizes, with lines or blank paper. The Moleskine is also available in diary and bullet journal versions. The black version produces a chic black on black effect. The Midori is available in 3 colours with several replaceable refills. So you can work forever in your personalised notebook. 

Travel diary personalized

Macbook DJ Hardwell personalized


Aluminum engraving is what we do at the Uncover Mac. Here we are super specialized in personalizing MacBooks. We have already engraved over hundreds of MacBooks here. The designs come to life on MacBooks from various CEOs such as: Evernote, Snapchat, Uber and Flipboard. Thanks to famous DJs such as Hardwell, Laidback Luke and Jamie XX, our Uncover Macbooks have already been seen by thousands of fans!




Per engraving

The engraving cost depends on the size. The engraving price starts from €15, for a 10cm x 10cm size. For larger sizes the price will increase.




Per 15 minutes

When an engraving needs extra design work it costs €15 euro extra per 15 minutes. Engraving always includes 15 minutes of design time. 




Per application

Every business order is different, so it is difficult to give a price. Take a look at our B2B page or make an enquiry.



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