Apple AirTag

  • Originele AirTag van Apple
  • Nooit meer je spullen kwijt!
  • Graveer jouw logo of tekst voor 5 euro online
  • Waterbestendig en batterijduur van 1 jaar
  • Designed by you, engraved in our Lab

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Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

Klaar met het kwijtraken van je spullen? De AirTag van Apple is dan een ware uitkomst voor je. Deze hightech tracker kan jouw spullen binnen no-time traceren.  Als je AirTag dichtbij is, kan je iPhone je er direct naartoe brengen met ‘Nauwkeurig zoeken’. Dankzij de ingebouwde Ultra Wideband-technologie zie je precies welke richting je uit moet en hoe ver.

Heb je iets op een heel andere plek laten liggen, bijvoorbeeld op het strand of in de sport­school, dan kun je je AirTag opsporen met behulp van het ‘Zoek mijn’-netwerk, dat bestaat uit honderden miljoenen iPhones, iPads en Macs overal ter wereld. Je privacy is hierbij op alle fronten beschermd.

Ontwerp je eigen Apple AirTag

Bij Uncover Lab kun je de AirTag laten personaliseren. Altijd al gedroomd van je eigen design? Of wil je liever je naam erop, of een bijzondere tekst? Niks is te gek. Met onze lasermachine graveren wij jouw eigen ontwerp met gemak op de AirTag. Je kunt je ook laten verrassen door onze Creative Operators.
Deze creatievelingen maken in een handomdraai de mooiste ontwerpen, die jij op bijna ieder mogelijk product kunt laten graveren.

Ben je niet in het bezit van een AirTag, maar heb je bijvoorbeeld wel een MacBook of een iPhone? Ook deze producten van Apple kunnen wij voor je customizen. Bij Uncover Mac kun je het originele Apple logo veranderen naar een eigen design. Geen appeltje meer op de achterkant van je Mac, maar bijvoorbeeld het logo van jouw bedrijf.

Apple AirTag

Veel bekende CEO’s zijn je al voorgegaan, waaronder de directeuren van Snapchat, Flipboard en Evernote. Maar ook DJ’s als Hardwell, Laidback Luke and Jamie XX hebben een gepersonaliseerde design op hun laptop of telefoon.

How it works

Wij adviseren om het design van je AirTag te ontwerpen door gebruik te maken van onze design tool. Heb je geen ervaring met .ai of .eps-bestanden? Geen probleem! Upload je design als een hoge resolutie PDF, JPG of PNG. Je ontvangt altijd een voorbeeld van jouw ontwerp na het plaatsen van je bestelling. Kom je er niet uit? Voel je vrij om gebruik te maken van chat en e-mail. Wij helpen je graag! Je kunt ons ook bezoeken in The Maker Store gevestigd in de Hallen in hartje Amsterdam.

Wij bieden verschillende Apple producten aan. AirPods met een oplaadcase, AirPods met draadloze oplaadcase, AirPods Pro en AirTags. 

Designed by you, engraved in our Lab  

Toestelvereisten voor de AirTag: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s of nieuwer, of iPod touch (7e generatie) met iOS 14.5 of hoger, of iPad Pro, iPad (5e generatie of nieuwer), iPad Air 2 of nieuwer, of iPad mini 4 of nieuwer met iPadOS 14.5 of hoger.



At Uncover Lab, we make objects personal. We proudly call ourselves the first tattoo shop in the Netherlands for objects. In our shop in De Hallen, Amsterdam we laser engrave almost everything. This can be a product from our shop or an object you brought yourself. We also have a workshop (Uncover Mac) where we customize, as the only one in the world, the luminous apple behind the MacBook.

In principle, yes. However, there are a number of conditions that an object must meet. The object to be engraved must fit one of our laser machines and must be made of a material that reacts well with our lasers. Finally, the surface to be engraved should have little curvature so that a nice, sharp engraving is produced. We sometimes engrave balls, but then the engraving remains fairly small.

Forever, just like a tattoo :).  

Yes, we like this a lot! Besides the products we offer in our webshop, we have already engraved so many different objects that we have a good idea of the result. We experiment daily with new materials and shapes so we can always give you the best advice. Before you bring an object to have it engraved, we always advise you to ask about the possibilities in advance. mail, phone (+31 (0)20-2613413) or the chat function (below right).

Yes, we do! We engrave for companies, from local to multinational. Business engraving starts at 5 pieces but can run into the hundreds (maybe even thousands...). For large quantities we offer a reduced price and we will discuss how to get the best result. For more info and contact with Maarten (Head of Sales) we would like to refer you to this website. page.

We are together in a building within De Hallen with The Maker Store. 

The address is: 

Hannie Dankbaarpassage 39

1053 RT Amsterdam


The opening hours are:

Mon-Fri: 12.00 - 17.30 

Sat: 11.30 - 17.30 

Sun: 12.00 - 17.30 

Engraving is very fast, usually no more than a few seconds. With preparation and design time, it takes an average of 15 minutes.

If you want to have a design engraved there are two options: you can order online through our builder or you can visit us in the shop. When ordering online, the engraving costs are a bit lower than in the shop. Online you can have an item engraved from €12.50 (excl. the price of the product) and in the shop the engraving is from €15. The final price depends on the size of the engraving and the product.

We ship via PostNL. Small, flat products can fit through the mailbox (€4.75). If you order a larger product or want a tracking code it costs €6.95. It is of course also possible to pick up your package at a PostNL collection point (€6.95). We always try to get your package to you within 24 hours. If that is not possible, you will receive it the next day. 



It is possible as long as it does not contain PVC. Otherwise harmful substances are released. Plastic objects include AirPods, chargers, and Plexiglas/ Perspex. Here Learn more.

One of our favorites! We are best known for engraving wooden boards but we also engrave objects like shuffleboards and guitars. The options are endless. On this page you can read all about wood engraving.

Metal objects give great results. Knives, Secrids, flasks, watches, jewelry, grinders... come on! All information about metal can be found here

For example, the Moleskines in our webshop are made of (fake) leather and give a very nice result. We never encounter big problems with them. Read here more.

We have been in contact with many different types of textiles. We have engraved denim jackets or fabric covers of wedding books with beautiful results. 

Our least favorite material... We don't engrave glass because our machines don't produce a nice result.

Don't worry, we may have engraved your material but it is rare. Ask for more information in the chat or mail us.



Without a doubt. When it has enough contrast and clear lines it is easy to engrave. In our online builder you can upload images. Get there by selecting a product and pressing the 'design' button. If you have any doubts or problems: send us a screenshot in the chat! 

You'll make us very happy if you have an .eps or .ai file. Otherwise, we can also do it (if the quality is sufficient) with many other formats, such as .jpg (.jpeg), .png or .pdf. 

Our creative operators all have a design background. On request they will be happy to create a personal design for you. This does involve a fee of €15 per quarter hour. 

This is often possible, but not every photo lends itself very well for engraving. When converting photos, they sometimes lose detail. So it is important that the photo has enough contrast. Want to be sure? Send the photo to us via chat or mail and we will have a look at it.

It's not really possible. Almost always the engraving will be a lighter or darker version of the color of the material, unless a colored top layer is applied beforehand. Then engraving is done through the colored layer and you get the color of the material underneath. 

You'll make us very happy if you have an .eps or .ai file. Otherwise, we can also do it (if the quality is sufficient) with many other formats, such as .jpg (.jpeg), .png or .pdf. 



We distinguish two types of dimensions: the dimensions of the object and the dimensions of the design to be engraved. Because we use three machines for the different materials, it is handy to here check which dimensions apply to your material


Are you interested in buying more AirPods as a business gift or other corporate purchase? We would love to help you out with this! See below for the graduated prices based on 1 logo to be engraved on all AirPods, if a unique design is to be added per case then an additional €1,50 will be added per engraving. Want to know more? Please contact Siem via the mail or call +31202442995

Prices are including VAT

Number of

AirPods with charging case

AirPods with
wireless charging case

AirPods Pro

5-10 € 182,45 € 231,55 € 283,76
11-25 € 181,54 € 230,40 € 282,35
26-50 € 180,64 € 229,25 € 280,95
51-100 € 179,74 € 228,11 € 279,55
101-250 € 178,84 € 226,97 € 278,15
251-500 € 177,95 € 225,83 € 276,76
500+ € 177,06 € 224,71 € 275,38
more price(piece) for personal engraving € 1,50 € 1,50 € 1,50



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