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SECRID engraving



We carry less and less with us, but what we do carry is more valuable than ever. That's why the Secrid collection is designed to protect your cards and make them easy to carry. All this with high quality materials and a simple design.


With the handy sliding button the cards come step by step to the top so you have the different cards in one overview. The cards are clamped on the side of the holder so that there is no wear and tear. In the cardholder fits 6 to 8 cards. Also, the cards cannot be reached by wireless communication devices when the cards are in the wallet.



The Secrid Cardprotector is where it all started and is now the beating heart of the Secrid product range. This card holder is award winning for its iconic design and compact yet secure form.

The Secrid Cardholder comes in three colours: black, titanium and silver. Because of the high quality materials, our lasers can make very detailed engravings. This results in a beautiful personalized Secrid made in the heart of Amsterdam!

Need room for cash or receipts in your wallet? Take a look at the Secrid Miniwallet and the Secrid Slimwallet. These wallets have a leather sleeve for extra storage options.

Dimensions: 63 x 102 x 8mm.


 Secrid wallet engraving



Brown secrid miniwallet wallet with engraving


Like its predecessor, the Secrid Cardprotector, the Miniwallet is compact, secure and notorious for its iconic design. What makes this miniwallet so unique is the cowhide cover and the push button on the leather cover.

This wallet has unlike the Cardprotector extra space for cards, paper money, receipts, business cards and some loose change. Because of the push button, the leather case can not fall open and the inside remains completely protected.

Dimensions: 65 x 102 x 21mm



While designing the Slimwallet, Secrid took all the features of the Miniwalletand made it into a thinner, cleaner design. Without the snap closure, the Slimwallet is even more compact and fits easily into a pocket.

The leather of the Slimwallet is wider than its brother. Because of this you have a little more space for bills, receipts and business cards. Because of the compactness of this wallet it is less suitable for coins. The Slimwallet has room for 6 to 10 cards.

Dimensions: 65 x 102 x 16 mm

Secrid engraving leather




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