Engraving cutting boards



Snack board, cutting board, serving board, presentation board, bread board or tapas board. Everyone has their own name for it, but it all comes down to the same thing: a practical board that is so beautiful that you would rather not put it back in the closet. All our cutting boards are handmade and can be engraved in our shop in Amsterdam. We have a large selection of wooden boards, each with its own style and origin. We have the Brood+Plank plank from Friesland, the Happenplank from Zuid-Limburg and our own PLANKIE from Amsterdam.



The Brood+Plank is handmade in Friesland from European oak wood. The boards are oiled with grapeseed oil which gives them a dark color. You won't find this handmade presentation board on every street corner.

The chopping board is perfect for cutting bread or meat but also ideal for serving snacks. This breadboard is too beautiful to hide away in a closet, therefore it is possible to hang your board on the wall when not in use. Each piece of wood is hand selected for its color and knots and will therefore differ minimally from the show model.

Engraved wooden cutting and serving board


Engraved wooden cutting and serving board


The Happenplank is a handmade, sturdy oak cutting board that can also be used as an appetizer board, cheese board, bread board, tapas board or pizza board. All boards are unique and a perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking and / or drinks. The cutting boards are handmade from high quality oak.

The biggest advantage of the Happenplank is that they are made from multiple pieces of wood, which makes the board flexible and responsive to moisture and heat. Some cutting boards are made out of one piece of wood and may warp after several uses. These boards have a cord of real leather, so you can hang the board on the wall just like the Bread+Plank.



PLANKIE is the newest addition to our shelf family. Designed by us and handmade by our favorite cousin Lucas in Amsterdam. With these shelves we honor our roots in Amsterdam, by making them in the shape of a canal house. Because we design the planks ourselves we can easily introduce new designs and make planks to measure.

The oak wood of which the board is made has a light color, which makes the engraving stand out. The cutting boards owe their perfect quality to Neef Lucas with his small but fine workshop in Amsterdam-Oost. 

personalized wooden serving and cutting board


Take care of your cutting board

The wooden planks are a real natural product and as you know, nature does not allow itself to be tamed. The planks are made from the best quality, but to avoid cracks or warping they are best cleaned with a damp cloth. We advise you to keep the board under running water or immersion as little as possible and not to put it in the dishwasher. After cleaning, dry with a cloth and store upright or hang on the wall. If you really care for your shelf you can oil it once every few weeks with grapeseed oil or any other edible oil. You can determine this when you see and feel that the wood is getting a little dry. Download the manual here.

In short, are you looking for an original gift for a birthday, anniversary or wedding? Take a look at our personalised cutting boards. Choose one from our collection, make or invent a design, and engrave it! Think of a snack board for your girlfriend, a cutting board for your parents' anniversary or a bread board for your best customer. Have other ideas? No problem, we love to experiment. We love to experiment, so let us know your idea and we'll see what's possible.



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