Yay! We have added some new products to our webshop, which we would like to share with you. Do you want to take a look?


Do you like to scribble your notes in a notebook the old-school way? The Bambook notebooks allow you to make endless lists. If you don't like a scribble, you can erase it. Super convenient and durable. The content of the notebooks consists of erasable blank and line pages. This allows you to keep an overview of your tasks and responsibilities like no other, but also to sketch or illustrate something. The indispensable notebook for the creative person with a to-do list.

In our webshop, you will find three variants of the bamboo book: the hardcover, do-book and softcover. Would you like to personalise the Bambook? We will gladly help you to add a cool graphic or a personal message to your notebook.

Ystudio luxury pens with beautiful engraving Ystudio pens

Anyone who has ever held a Ystudio pen knows: this is a product you will want to carry with you for life. Thanks to their weight, the pens by this Taiwanese label fit comfortably in the hand, making them a pleasure to write with. A special feature of this design is that the colour of the pen changes with different users and different environments. Without treatment, each product will have its own unique characteristics due to constant use by its owner. You can also choose to bring back the natural shine by polishing it with copper oil. We can also personalise these luxury pens with, for example, your own initials.


Professional quality chef's knives engraving personalisationKnives 

A good cook's knife is essential for preparing your favourite meal. In our webshop you will find quality designs from Opinel and Diamant. Looking for a stable cutting experience? The 3 mm thick blade of the Opinel cook's knife Santoku N°119 can offer you just that. This knife is made from beech wood and stainless steel. You can also choose the non-slip structure of Diamant. The Riyouri Santoku knives have been designed with oriental cuisine in mind. After all, Riyouri means "kitchen" in Japanese. Thus, the blade cuts are ground at an extra sharp angle and ultra-fine polished. Riyouri knives are therefore super-sharp, which ensures not only easy but also safe cutting. Do you want to give your knives a personal touch? You can always have them engraved with us! The handle or blade will be engraved with a design or text.

animal tokensAnimal medal

We would like to keep our pets as close to us as possible. In our web shop, we now sell tokens that you can attach to the collar of your beloved four-legged friend. You can engrave a tag with your name, address and telephone number. In this way, your dog or cat will always be safe at home. Our collection of animal tags consists of all kinds of cute shapes and sizes. Choose the pin and colour that suits your pet best, create your own design in our builder and we will do the rest!

Trendy Flasks overview of coloured flasks that can be personalisedTrendy Flasks

Take your favourite drink with you in these trendy flasks. We have supplemented our webshop with blue, pink and black flasks. The trendy flasks are made of high-quality stainless steel and fit easily into your pocket. Ideal! Of course, we can provide it with a nice engraving. Think of a cool graphic or a personal text.