From UGears fidget planes to classic wine boxes and a functional bicycle bell: our webshop has been updated again with a new assortment. We also have a new wrapping feature, which allows you to send these products as gifts, for example for Christmas. Will you take a look?

Wooden bicycle bell engraving with own graphic name or illustration

Bicycle bell wooden 

Tring tring! A little bell and you can pass someone on a busy bike path. The design on this walnut bell is inspired by Dutch bicycle traffic. The shape of the bell is a classic, which originates from the time of your grandmother. The bottom of the bell is made of stainless steel. Make the bell your own and engrave it with your own design. You can also let yourself be surprised by a design from our Creative Operators! Engraving online starts at €12.50.

Wine box engraving personalized with name and logo

Wine boxes

Have you found the perfect wine in your home and do you want to give it to someone else? Then take a look at our wine boxes. This gift box offers space for one wine bottle or several small bottles, such as beer or sodas. We have several boxes on offer. You can choose a classic version, or a wine box with yellows of the characteristic Amsterdam canal houses. Make the gift even more unique by adding an engraving. Designed by you, engraved in our Lab. You can do this online from as little as €12.50!

UGears wooden building models


Building something without glue or special tools? This is possible with the wooden models of UGear. The parts fit together perfectly and are interesting to observe. Step into the world of mechanical wonders! We offer different UGears on our webshop, such as a carousel building model or a locomotive. They take about 4 hours to assemble. Is a shorter build time more your thing? Then a UGears Fidget Tribix will fit your expectations. To get to a cat, airplane or boat shape, it will take you on average 30 to 60 minutes. Super satisfying!