Wall drawings are the way to turn a bare space into a creative and inspiring environment. Colour or no colour, with our designers we will work for you. Office spaces, menu boards or decorative walls for events or weddings: we can do it all!

Wavemaker approached us with a request for a mural after they had cutting boards engraved in our shop. They told us that they were busy furnishing and styling the premises at their new location on the Amstel in Amsterdam.

Together, we have studied in depth what Wavemaker stands for and looked at the possibilities within their corporate identity. Eventually, we decided on three important core words for Wavemaker: Media, content & technology. The geometric colour fields were inspired by a tree-shaped work of art that stands at the entrance to the office. By combining these elements, we created a colourful and fresh wall decoration that was uniquely tailored to Wavemaker.

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Wave Maker Mural Uncover Lab from Uncover on Vimeo.