The rumour mill has been running for months, but finally it is a fact: Apple is coming out with its own tracker, called the AirTag. With this small Bluetooth tracker, you won't lose your stuff easily!

 Apple Airtags

How does an AirTag work?

The AirTag is a small location tracker, just a bit bigger than a 2 Euro coin. You can attach this gadget to your backpack or keychain with the help of accessories. The tag is equipped with a U1 chip, which enables you to locate the AirTag with great accuracy using an iPhone. When in doubt about where you left your keys in the house, you can easily open the 'Find My' app and be guided to them. A built-in speaker in the AirTag will make a sound to make finding them even easier.

Apple Airtags

Find Me Network

The AirTag is also useful far from home. When you lose your belongings away from home, the tag makes good use of Apple's 'Find Me' network. This means that when your tag is in the vicinity of one of the hundreds of millions of Apple devices, you will be notified of its location. The tag is equipped with a CR2032 battery, which is also used in calculators and toys. This means it can last up to a year without having to change the battery and you don't have to worry about the tracker disappearing from the radar anytime soon.


Apple Airtags

Personalise your AirTags

Just like the AirPods, the material of the AirTag is perfect for customisation. This can be done with millimetre precision, allowing you to personalise the AirTags with the most detailed designs. We have already engraved Airtags with logos, figures and telephone numbers. With a price tag of €35 the AirTag is an ideal present or business gift. 

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